Hey, Lovelies!


#1: eXplicit has now been changed to Avanti! “Why?”, you might ask… The reason is because long story short, I found another (older) store with the same name, so I decided to change it. I’ll be keeping the group, as all of my packing bags have group inviters in them and it would take far too long to swap them out (aint nobody got time for that!). 

So even though the group is still called eXplicit, the store name will now be Avanti.

#2: I’ve updated many of my system items to include Azz appliers! My belly tattoos , basic leggings, and my sheer lace tops have all been updated to include Azz appliers!

#3: YARD SAAAAALE!! I had lots of extras from the Arcade, TSA, FGC and various other gacha events so I put them out for everyone! I’ll add more as new items come in, so hurry and get them before they’re gone!

Take your taxi here!

Stay tuned, as I’ll be releasing NEW items very very soon! 

*mwah* Stay Fabulous!



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