Nar Mattaru – Religious Tees!


Jade Glazner of Nar Mattaru recently released a t-shirt line for the Suicide Dollz event! 

They come in packs of two (a black version and a grey version), and are available in lots of designs as shown below!

ReligiousTees 2 

Designs include: “Atheist” text, Baphomet and Baphomet Pentagram, Inverted Cross, Leviathan Cross, Triple Goddess, Triquetra,  also plain black/gray.

And if you buy the fatpack, you get the Ram Skull bonus tee! Another great thing about these tees is that they fit perfectly over Luck Inc.’s Cute Azz! I don’t own the phat azz so I don’t know if the fitting suits that one as well, but all of your Cute Azz wearers will be much pleased!

I like that I can dress these up or down to suit whatever mood I’m in. I can add a leather jacket and denims for a more goth/urban look, or I can just dress down the plain tee in sweats and flip flops if I’m in a mood for cozies!

I also love that it’s a t-shirt with curves! So many mesh tees out there are either feminine but cropped half way up the boobs, or they’re long, but they aren’t feminine looking at all and they look incredibly bulky, but I’m happy to say that these are neither!


• Skin & Makeups: ::Nar Mattaru:: Taryn Skin (Tawny)- Jade Glazner *New!*
• Hair: Truth Sassy 2 – Truth Hawks
• Eyes: ::Nar Mattaru:: Iconic Eyes – Infected – Jade Glazner
• Bracelets: a m o r o u s // Crossed //- Matchbook Monday
• Earrings: Cute Poison – Rebel Earrings – Sae Luan
• Top: ::Nar Mattaru:: Religious Tee – Triple Goddess – Jade Glazner
• Bottoms(Left): [-S-] Fishnet Ripped Capris – Black – Impiety
• Bottoms(Right): *REIGN.– Jeggings v2- Black – KenadeeCole



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