LAQ is back! My personal review of “Mirabelle”.

LAQ Mirabelle Skin

This is my very first time giving an actual ‘review’ on anything, I normally blog just for fun. That said, the following will hopefully not be taken in the wrong way, because despite a few slight issues (which I’ll discuss), the skin is really very lovely.

LAQ Mirabelle Fresh skin - Tones2
LAQ Mirabelle Fresh skin - Tones1

I will say, that their “Glow” collection was way more brassier with the darker tones, and very ‘orange’, so I do appreciate that Mirabelle looks much more natural and realistic, and the tones are much nicer. I adore the details on the tummy and collarbone, and the legs are absolutely gorgeous. The slightly ‘flushed’ cheeks and nose are very sweet! I’m sure these skins would look absolutely adorable on shapes with much younger looking faces.

I only have a couple issues with this skin. My first issue was with the ear. I wear a lot of hairstyles that are ‘pulled back’ or short or shaved on one side, etc, so having weird looking ears isn’t ideal for me. My issue with the ears on this skin is that they don’t look ‘finished’. there seems to be a lack of detail around the lobe area, or maybe the ear part of the texture needs to be scaled up? I’m not sure, I don’t often bother with the head portion of the SL UV.

My second issue is with the hands. Again, I noticed a lack of detail, as if they weren’t finished. On certain tones, it also looked as if the hands were a slightly different tone than the rest of the body. In the example below, to me the hands seem about half a shade darker than the arms. Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me?

I’m hugely ‘picky’ about hands. If I don’t like the hands on a particular skin, I likely won’t buy it.

LAQ Mirabelle Fresh skin - Cons

The skins are 1,990L, which is a *lot* to me. I remember when I first shopped at LAQ in 2013, their skins were 1,400L.

At the moment, their Maitreya and Slink Physique appliers are FREE, which is awesome, but this is only a temporary offer, which ends February 9th at 1am SLT.

Maybe if the above issues are corrected, I may consider buying this skin in one of the mid tones like 2.5 or 3.0.

So there you have it! How did I do on my first ‘review’? 🙂 Would you consider buying this skin? What are your thoughts?? Comment below!

–  b o d y • e s s e n t i a l s  –

• Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 – Onyx LeShelle
• Skin: LAQ ~ Mirabelle Fresh skin – Mallory Cowen *NEW*
• Hair: TRUTH HAIR Harmony –  Truth Hawks
• Eyes: {S0NG} :: Eden // Faded Brown Eye – Funeral Plutonian
• Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious – Emilia Redgrave

–  c l o s e t  –

• Lingerie: Zaara Chanchal Lingerie *nude*- Maitreya appliers – Zaara Kohime


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