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Newness @ Avanti!

I know I haven’t posted any store releases in a while >.>

A new round of AnyBody just started today, and I’ve released some new lingerie!

TAXI to anyBody


I’ve also released quite a few goodies since my last post!

Abaddon Ad 2 ViceAvariceAd2b PoemeTops2 MephistaAd2 JerseyKneeAd2 HarmonieSkirts2 CaliShortsAd KittyHeelsAd

All of these releases are at my MAINSTORE. Join my in-world group and get 15% off on purchases while wearing the group tag!


Avanti is at The Dressing Room Fusion!

TDRF has opened for it’s next round, and I’m excited to announce my exclusive release!


The special pricing for this event is only 70L, and are available in 7 colors/patterns!

I’ll make more colors/patterns once the round ends and I get to move them to my mainstore. 🙂

This round of TDRF ends in only 2 weeks, so get them at this special price while you can!

Taxi to TDRF

Recent Releases @ Avanti!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted about store releases, but I’ve been keeping super busy! Check out my recent releases below!

My XIA bodysuits will be at AnyBODY until the end of this month!

These previous releases are now all at my Mainstore!

Sweetie Knit Top Ad

Sweetie Knit Top AdSweetie Knit Top Ad

New @ Nar Mattaru: Zoe Skin!


(Click image to enlarge)

Jade Glazner is back with her newest release, “Zoe” skin! It comes in eight gorgeous tones, from the palest pale, to a rich deep tan.

(Click image to enlarge)
zoe tones 2
(Click image to enlarge)

Each tone is L$1000, and includes appliers for slink Physique.

Appliers available separately include:
• Luck Inc. Azz
• Lolas Tango
• Wowmeh
• #TheMeshProject (TMP)

Each applier hud contains ALL of the tones, so there’s no need to spend tons of lindens buying each tone separately! If you’re like me and wear lots of different tones, this works out awesomely.

Each tone has 5 brow options (four colors and a no-brow option):

BUT WAIT!! Did I mention that she made a special edition version as a special GROUP GIFT??
zoe-giftThis special tone/version is available for group members only, and comes with ALL of the previously mentioned appliers INCLUDED!

Her group is currently 400L to join, but only while the group gift is out, which will be from now through November/December.

And if all of this wasn’t awesome enough, she has also made a mani/pedi slink nail applier set to accompany her Zoe skins, including the Special Edition Group Gift tone. And this is all for only 10L!! TEN lindens for amazing quality nails! How awesome is that??


As if you don’t have enough to be excited about, she will also be bringing out appliers for #TheMeshProject mesh heads, as well as tattoo layer makeup packs! SUCH EXCITE!! \o/

In order to make room for ALL of this awesomeness, Jade is holding a SALE of her older skins (Taryn, Erys, Freya)!

Taryn is 20% off, and all of the appliers are now in one Megapack for 350L. Erys and Freya are now a two-for-one deal and on sale for 50% off. The appliers for those are also in a pack together for 250L!! ;

Ready to try a demo? Here’s your Taxi!

• Skin: ::NM:: Zoe / Zoe Special EditionJade Glazner *NEW*
• Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body – Siddean Munro
• Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual and Splayed – Siddean Munro
• Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Denim, Hazel and Coffee – Ikon Innovia
• Eyes2: KALINA. Misty Eyes  – ghost white@ Cosmetics Fair (Oct 2014) – Freezea
• Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious – Emilia Redgrave
• Hair 1: Magika Shimmer – Sabina Gully
• Hair 2: TRUTH HAIR Thalia – variety @ The Mystic Realms Faire – Truth Hawks *NEW*
• Lingerie: .:Avanti:. Anais Gift Underwear (Group Gift)*NEW*
• Choker: -UtopiaH- Katrina Collar Silver @ The Mystic Realms Faire – Petiita Blackbart *NEW*
• Horns: TRUTH HAIR Neria Horns (included with Neria Hair) @ The Mystic Realms Faire – Truth Hawks *NEW*

Nar Mattaru – Skye Skin Released!


– click here for larger image –

Jade Glazner is on fire with her newly released “Skye” skin!!

This skin is an extension of her “Maya” skin line, which was released earlier this month, so the Maya appliers and cleavage add-ons are also compatible with Skye.

The skins are 1000L, and Included with the skin:

• Slink hand and feet appliers
• Brow shape
• Add-on tintable brows
• Three add-on clear lip glosses (at different shine intensities)
• Add-on freckles, facial moles, blush, and contouring(seen below) – all are tintable!



Skye comes in 6 tones with 4 brow color options, as well as a no-brow option (Note: tones 5 and 6 do not include blonde brows). And if you get the Wowmeh or Physique appliers, you’ll have 3 cleavage options!

(Click to enlarge)



She also made add-on makeup packs that can be worn with other skins. For the lipsticks, I decided to wear the add-on gloss with all of them because I’m a hardcore gloss addict!


The eye shadows, solid lipsticks and ombre lipsticks are in separate packs for 180L each, which is a steal! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, all of the makeups are modifiable, so you can tint them to your liking!

But don’t take my word for it, hurry to her mainstore and grab a demo NOW!

• Skin & Makeup: ::NM:: Skye Jade Glazner *NEW*
• Eyes: ::Nar Mattaru:: Bardo Eyes – Hazel / Blue – Jade Glazner
• Underwear: {Luxuria} Summer Crush *candy pink* @ My Attic – Roslin Petion *NEW*
• Hair 1: AD – 42 @ Hair Fair 2014 – Queue Marlowe *NEW*
• Hair 2: AD – pop scotch @ Hair Fair 2014 – Queue Marlowe *NEW*
• Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual – Siddean Munro
• Body: Wowmeh Silhouette v1 – baby ghosn